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Everything You Need To Get Killer Drum Sounds

Don't settle for mediocre drum sounds ever again! 

With 18 different drum kits covering a wide range of genres from rock, pop-punk, and hardcore to popindie, americana, and more, PLUS the FX pack, full of cymbal hits, bass drops, transitions, and swells, The Complete Collection has exactly what you need to get your drums sounding awesome!


Three mix-ready blend options, dry, room, and a blend of the two are available for maximum flexibility without slowing down your workflow.

Multi-sampled at multiple velocities to give you realistic, natural sounding fills, ghost notes, and rolls.

Each kit includes samples for kick, snare, rack tom, and floor tom.

Includes WAV files and TCI files for Trigger.

10% of profits are donated to to help support music education!

Own all 19 sample packs (a $265 value!) 

PLUS every future sample pack!


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